Always wanted to be a property developer?
What’s holding you back?

If you’re like most people, you know property development is a proven strategy to generate wealth. And you’re right, because the world’s richest people all have one thing in common: they all use property as an investment strategy.

But there’s one thing that holds a lot of people back: thinking you have to be rich (or a builder) to become a property developer.

The truth is, anyone can do it. You just need to know-how.

But if that’s true, where do you even start? (And we’ve all heard those stories of failed developers and property scams…)

Stop for a moment and picture this: from on-the-tools electrician to successful property developer in 5 years. That’s the story of our founder, Ali Rihani.

Ali was an overworked tradie from South Western Sydney with a passion to learn property development and build wealth for his young family. He threw himself into it, asked lots of questions, made lots of mistakes and learned the hard (expensive) way. Result? A $17 million property portfolio in 5 years.

Awesome, right!? It’s no wonder people kept asking him how he did it.

That’s when Ali realised something important: I’m just an ordinary bloke, so if I can do this, anyone can. In fact, more people should be doing it and I want to show them how.

That’s when Hausworx Academy was born. Now we share Ali’s proven methods with everyday Aussies like you… to show you what’s possible with groundbreaking, no b.s. property education and investment opportunities.

Our Programs

At Hausworx Academy you’ll learn Ali Rihani’s 8 pillars to profitable property development: low-risk, small-scale, high-end. What does that mean?

  • Low-risk: knowing how to select the right site for a good enough return to minimise risk
  • Small-scale: manageable projects like duplexes or luxury homes
  • High-end: delivering a high-quality finish buyers love

We cut the usual industry b.s. so you learn what you need to succeed:

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    How to find and choose a profitable site
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    Which type of development suits your financial situation and goals
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    How to find funding for your first development
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    How to manage a successful development, step-by-step
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    Learn your way with your choice of: at your own pace online, a real-life project, or a live project
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    The 8 pillars to profitable property development that Ali still uses to deliver a successful outcome on Hausworx projects

You’ll bypass learning the hard, expensive way, and get the practical know-how you need to develop with confidence

Success Stories
Wondering Where to Start?

Learn how Ali uses the 8 pillars to profitable property development with our free video series: Ignite.
You’ll get the exact steps our founder Ali Rihani still uses in his developments along with finding out what’s possible for you. If you’ve been wanting to get into property development and haven’t, what are you waiting for?

It all starts here: with our free Ignite video training series!